Savvy Foundation is a non-profit organization that was developed about 2 years ago by Anthony Blakey, a song writer, entrepreneur, and successful business owner. Offering programs to youth ages 6 to sophomore students in college, Savvy Foundation is geared towards mentoring, educating and encouraging youth regarding artistic expression, healthy choices, and well-informed career decisions. Our platform is focused on the areas of arts (TV/Film/Multi-Media/Fashion/Fine Arts), music (creative writer, artist development, engineering), creative entrepreneurship,  as well as health and wellness (nutritiion, empowering sports program and athletics).


After being in the music industry for over 10 years, the founder, Anthony Blakey, decided to open a studio that gave him an opportunity to expand and work with undiscovered talent. The vision for Savvy Foundation began when Anthony realized that the artists he was developing really needed to be educated on the industry of music and the basic rights they have as song-writers. It grew rapidly as many of his celebrity friends became aware and wanted to get involved.  


From there, Anthony was introduced to a series discussion brought by Andy Stanley at Buckhead Church called "What Breaks Your Heart".  The purpose was to identify in society something that effects you personally and you want to see changed.  Anthony took that principal to the Foundation's contributors, asking them what breaks their heart - what do they want changed in their society, and the platform of Savvy Foundation evolved.  It no-longer only focused on music, but now also arts, health and wellness and creative entrepreneurship.


Amidst the rapidly growing platform, Winston A. Wilson then later Bridget Roberts were invited to partner with Mr. Blakey in the development of this phenomenon Savvy Foundation. Winston Wilson is a playwright, business leader, and public speaker.  Winston joined Savvy Foundation to contribute his many years of leadership and business development to grow the cause of youth empowerment and wellness.  Originally from Jamaica and raised in New York, the Treasurer of Savvy Foundation and CFO of Savvy Entertainment lives in Atlanta with his wife and son.  


Bridget Roberts is a model, actress, and abstract painter with years of exposure to and experience in the arts of fashion, performance as well as multi-media arts.  Bridget joined Savvy Foundation as an Ambassador, becoming a public advocate of the brand and establishing valuable relationships with new partners and associates.  She now serves on the Executive Committee adding priceless value to the business development and growth of the Savvy Foundation brand.


Because the non-profit has been successful and is so unique, Savvy Foundation has been invited by many city officials to duplicate their footprint and set up programming in cities across the U.S.  On November 6, the organization sponsored and produced Jackson LIVE (in Jackson, MS), the first of a series of events focused on the arts, music, creative entrepreneurship as well as health and wellness.  Savvy Foundation offered entertainment, vendor and educational elements, giving both their guests and contributing businesses an opportunity to be exposed for the purpose of growth and stimulation. Our next event in the series will be Birmingham LIVE February of 2016 in Birmingham, AL. Then Richmond LIVE in March in Richmond, VA.  Savvy Foundation continues to combine innovative fundraising concepts and venues to create awareness for the organizations platform.

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